What Happens When You Over-OVER Deliver?

February 10, 2012
over deliver

When I was working as a solo-preneur, it was common place for me to go to extra mile and under promise and over deliver. There were many times I ended up working for free, or literally for free, and gave my client way more than they expected. Unfortunately, as I found out recently, this over-OVER […]

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One Moment Changed Everything

February 3, 2012
One Moment Changed Everything

If you’ve been following the progress of my new marketing agency, then you’ll have noticed that a) I’m really confident and optimistic about it and where we are heading and b) we are experiencing massive startup pains. I’m talking about hurtful learning experiences. All the learning that we’ve been doing this month has been tremendous, […]

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Cashflowing a Startup

January 27, 2012
Cash flow your business

What does it take to turn a small company into a large, successful company? As a startup (since September) I’m finding that I have to go back to the drawing board and go back to basics in order to answer this question. Fortunately I’ve been keeping up on this topic for years (of small business […]

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New Insight for our new Marketing Agency

January 22, 2012
Thinking about business

As you may recall in my previous post, “Business startup: Back into Development Hell“, I realized that I had to start rethinking how I was moving forward with Eat Marketing as time waits for no one. What’s interesting is that since I wrote that post, I started thinking about the scope of the marketing we […]

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Business startup: Back into Development Hell

January 13, 2012
building the marketing agency

Back in the mid-2000′s whenever I heard of companies needing 3 to 12 months of startup capital to get to launch, I admit I scoffed at that notion. When I read in Canadian Business that RIM (the company that produces the Blackberry device) spent three years in startup hell to launch, I though the execs […]

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It’s Nice to Know I Still Have Fans

September 2, 2011
Ronald Lee on Facebook

Everyone once in a while I get recognized on the street because of my past relationship/lifestyle coaching. I’d be walking through downtown or English Bay or at the mall and someone will come and say ‘hi’ or shake my hand and chat or say something nice. The other night someone messaged me out of the […]

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How did you Vote for the HST? I RELUCTANTLY Voted to Keep It

August 25, 2011

Were you one of the 52% of the Province of BC who voted to in the recently passed HST referendum? Unlike one of my friends who “meant to vote but didn’t get around to it” I hope you were part of what could possibly be the highest turnout for a mailout referrendum ever in this […]

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Want a $500,000 Cheque? Then You Must Laser Focus

August 20, 2011
laser focus

A friend of mine, May Chu, is a strong believer in the law of attraction. She once manifested a half a million dollar cheque in the span of 6 months (or perhaps it was a year, I forget) just by really ‘wishing for it’. Sounds little farfetched? Not so, as one important peice of advice […]

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Another update: Getting Back on the Horse

August 19, 2011
not productive

I’ve been meaning to post more for a while now, but I admitantly have been getting in my own way…for this and a number of things. Now that the end of summer is fast approaching and September is upon us, I though I’ll use this blog as a way to get me back on track, […]

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