Happy Valentines Day!

February 14, 2012

in Lessons in Love

Happy Valentines Day

Alright, I had a glass of wine and it’s about time I went back to revisit my personal life somewhat.

To put it shortly, I’m feeling great this Valentines Day. This is the first year in five years that I’m not feeling funny, heartbroken (and even crying, aahh, I remember those times) and am optimistic about the future.

Time heals all as does working on yourself and success in your endeavors. It seems like the patterns that my horoscopes have been predicting for me are coming true and I’m so excited.

On the dating front, I’m dating several women, albeit casually. None of them have really hit that special spot for me (yet) but I do wish to get married in the next two years.

I did send a few special women a Valentines ecard, like the image above which I custom designed, including to my ex. She and I email very rarely and I was reflecting earlier this month about what could have been if I didn’t leave her alone at the end of July 2010.

We would have probably gotten married, but it’s questionable if she would have been healed enough from her own breakup. She’s currently not happy in her marriage as she literally latched on her (now) husband after I left and now, in true post-rebound fashion, that she’s better and her normal self again, she’s finding that she not compatible with this guy – she choose the wrong guy – and cracks in their marriage are appearing.

I don’t want to seem mean, but I am somewhat glad it it’s not me.

Sometimes I look at my life, the adventures that I have and will have and I know it would take a really special women who is equally as intelligent, free spirited and adventurous to keep up with me, especially now as I’m almost literally restarting my life (career, etc…).

Like most Vancouver men, I do find the women here to be too reserved, I’m told the women in Toronto are much more eager to date and meet me while time and time again I see women in Vancouver sabotage themselves and then blame the men for sucking.

At this point I’m thinking that I should hear out and meet more women, those were fun times and now that I’m at a different, more mature place in my life, I wonder who I will meet now?

Ronald Lee


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