Looking forward to the New Year, 2011

January 3, 2011

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Excited for new year

I’m particularly excited about 2011. Georgia Nicols forecasts that this will be a great year for Sagittarius all around, particularly in relationships.

It’s no secret that the last three years have been terrible for most people. However, the last year (2010) was the start of my bouncing back, where I truly found myself again. It was a year for personal growth and going deeper into the core of who I am and what I want to become and then letting it simmer for me.

I realized where I went wrong in the past – I don’t fully regret things that happened as the rough points where were necessary to help me powerfully grow, but there are certainly things I would have done differently had I known better. Particularly in my choice of people I associated with in the past, now I’m going to be discerning in my choice of friends.

I’m also happy with my progress in the business community. Despite learning nothing about business while growing up, I’ve accumulated decent business acumen for the better part of the last decade (it wasn’t hard actually, when you know how to read people) and my business aspirations beckon me to go big, go better, and be more socially responsible and generous in the future. I plan to do just that, to freely share what I know to the masses.

I’m also looking at future travel, in fact, I’m creating my new Asian personal development company with my eyes set on everywhere but Vancouver (Asia, Europe, U.S.). Vancouver/Canada is great and will always be my home, but it’s too small for business and there’s no need to stay local with the power of mass communication today.

The great thing starting and running my other lifestyle coaching companies is that I made so many mistakes starting from scratch and then maintaining a good presence and reputation with them, that I know how I’m supposed to create this new company to hit the ground running.

I.e. the biggest piece of advice I’m giving myself right now is to slow done now so I can move fast later, i.e. build out the company properly, and I’ve created an interim coaches and consultants mastermind to help keep each other accountable for seeing this through.

I’m still looking for someone capable, talented, and reliable to take over the lifestyle coaching (in dating and relationships), which has always been the challenge. I hope this time will be different, but I’ve discovered that I’m not the only company faced with this challenge. Several other companies have shared their difficulty in hiring people and cite  almost the exact same problems that I’ve had; it seems Vancouverites make big promises that they can’t follow through with when it comes to the job market.

I’ve been priming myself for 2011 since November and plan to be very open and public with this new endeavor and I feel really good about this new year there is an energy in the air, people are wanting to go out and do something… I can feel my confidence and resolve grow each and every day…

The horrible dream of the last three years is over and I’m ready to wake up and enjoy the sunshine.

Ronald Lee

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