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February 24, 2012

in Lessons in Love


Last night I went on a date that started with “Where do you want to go”? We went to Union Square (Richmond) for dinner and then to Silvercity to watch the Chinese movie, the film festival hit and romantic drama, Love 愛.

Rather than try to describe the actual plot of the movie, I’ll just link to a synopsis and review of it here

I thought the movie we beautifully shot and well directed. The actors were all carefully cast based on their talent and ability to take risks on film. The three stories, though not really intertwining with each other, gave three very interesting plotlines that took the audience through journeys resulting in satisfying endings.

I particularly liked how all the women were passionate and took initiative in their romances, something that I can relate to myself as all my best and most favorite relationships (yes, both of them) were ones where the woman initiated and pursued me and showered me with an abundance of passion, which I responded with in kind (aaaahh).

My favorite parts from each of the three stories within the movie.

Xiao-Ye Jin and Mark. I really liked the intensity that Xiao-Ye (Vicky Zhao) brings to trying to woo Mark and how much devotion she had for her son. I’d love to marry a woman like that. I love the scene where she cooked a ton of dishes and then tried to surprise seduce Mark by dancing in red lingerie. Breath taking.








Yi-Jian, Ni, and Kai. Again, I liked how Yi-Jian was the one who initated kissing with Kai and basically seduced him. I thought Ni was a little too pushy and bossy, maybe that’s why Kai went astray to begin with. I commend Kai for going where his heart lead him.









Zoe Fang and Kuan. Zoe (Shu Qi) is really sexy in this movie, moreso because she has a great way of looking at her co-stars with her beautiful smile. Kinda reminds me of my best friend. I related a lot to Zoe, who’s probably had a lot of men in her life and I didn’t really believe she would end up with Kuan for very long. What I liked was how she followed her heart and which told her to go after Kuan. The other guy in the picture, Lu (who was also the director, Doze Liu) could have had any woman he wanted and in the end just wanted Zoe to be happy. That is a big move on his part.






All in all I had a great time with my date. I hope I see her again.

Ronald Lee

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