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January 22, 2012

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As you may recall in my previous post, “Business startup: Back into Development Hell“, I realized that I had to start rethinking how I was moving forward with Eat Marketing as time waits for no one.

What’s interesting is that since I wrote that post, I started thinking about the scope of the marketing we are doing. It’s been suggested many times that writing (i.e. blogging) helps turn the wheels in your head and that is exactly what happened here.

My marketing agency is at the bleeding edge of marketing technology right now, in fact I’ve been predicting that we are perfectly poised to do well in the future. We’re heading towards where the puck is going.

How so? We’ll, we’re poised right at the junction of where traditional marketing meets digital marketing as I’ve always been an early adopter of the latest technologies (except Google+ ironically, just too much work needed to be done to spend enough time in that one – won’t take long to get deep into it however). I’m thinking that because we are so good at the digital stuff that we should go where our strengths are and utilize that aspect of our services moreso -and differently- than what we’ve done over the last few months.

In other words, as we’re continuing to mature and learn in the business (which we are trailblazing as well) and are now able to make smart, educated decisions about what to do next.

What helped is I’ve been studying other companies and what they do; what they say about how they work with clients – from their strength and weaknesses to what they think will be the future as well and thinking about the big picture.

I should also mention something that contributed greatly to this breakthrough for the Eat Marketing vision. I had a discussion with someone who was trying to sell me a VIP pass to a relevant conference in the U.S. While the conference or what he was pitching was not directly relevant to Eat Marketing, the things he was saying gave me ideas that I could connect to how to expand out future.

With this new scope, I’m confident we can become that million dollar company within two years (I hope, that would be fast. At some point within the next five years for sure) and I feel really good and relaxed about it.

Now it’s more planning as, again, time waits for no one and I’m quite behind in our sales and formulating my ideas and strategic direction on paper for the team. Technically speaking, we are where we need to be, strategically speaking, we are behind. Or is it the other way around?

It’s looking like this is going to be a fun ride, 2012!

Ronald Lee.

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