Today is the Day I Almost Died…Three Years Ago

September 23, 2011

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Ronald in ICU

As the title says, today, September 23rd is the day I almost packed it in and went to heaven. This isn’t something I like to talk about very much to anyone, as it gave me a long bout of depression which basically set me back for almost two years.

Today I’m fine about it (I think) and things have progressed well since I got better, from my getting a decent plan for my business (lifestyle coaching at the time) and then continuing to progress to the point of clarity of how I should best proceed in the future.

What happened that day was I was on West 2nd going west and some large car going the other way turned left in front of me without looking. I was on my motorcycle and hit him straight in the middle of his car. The bike was totaled and I was sent to the hospital ICU where the ER doctor told me that there was a 90% chance that I wouldn’t make it as they couldn’t stop the internal bleeding. Fortunately my insides did stabilize four days later and I was out of the hospital two days after that. I’m lucky as apparently 50% of the visitors don’t make it out breathing and 25% don’t make it out without some major impediment.

I attribute my survival solely to one thing: my speed of impact. Fortunately again, I was already slowing down when the car crossed my path, and I’m a pretty slow rider on the street anyway so I figure I was travelling 45 km/hr and impacted at 35 km/hr. If you saw the damage on my bike only the front end was destroyed. It could have easily been much worse as my body slammed against the car and at any higher speed I would have been in much worse shape (perhaps a 100% chance I wouldn’t have made it).

What did this teach me? Well, it was literally a life changing event.

  • I learned to take care of myself and recover from adversity.
  • I learned to take a moment and care for what I have and those in my life.
  • And I also learned how fragile we humans are.

Life can be gone in a flash ~life is already short enough as it is~ why do people waste their precious moments on silly stupid things that are insignificant in the end.

Find what’s important to you, live your life, and treasure those and what you love.

Ronald Lee

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