Welcome to 2012! A Recap of the Past Year and What’s to Come

January 2, 2012

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Happy New Year, Welcome to 2012

Hello and welcome to 2012!

I’m pretty excited to be here. It’s been a rough year for me and I’m finally out of the fire and off to new lands and adventures. I know I’ve been absent from the blog for quite some time. I’ve been meaning to write some more, I have a lot of ideas and topics to write about but I just don’t have the time recently as I’m deep into the throes of a massive career change.

But it’s about time I got back on the horse, so I’ll make some notable comments about what has been happening over the past year and what I have in store for myself for 2012.

What’s happened:

I’ve completely left the relationship coaching alone and am trying to find someone to take it over as it would be a shame to waste what I’ve built for the company, the goodwill, the great reputation, and the fact that we were successful in helping so many men and women. But in the end, I just wanted a change and do something else as I’ve been doing that for too long (longer than I had planned).

I moved fully into the business and marketing coaching, which is what other elite Vancouver professionals have been advising me to do for years. I have a knack for marketing, a surprising talent for it and I resisted this for a long time as I stubbornly wanted to grow the lifestyle company (see last point).

Well, today, I have a clear vision for the future, where I’m headed and where I want to be in 5, 10, 15 years and I find this industry now to be both exciting, challenging and lucrative. The money was never important to me, but as I get older, I realize that it should be important to me, if I want to take care of my future family.

I deliberately didn’t date anyone seriously over the past few years as it took me that long to really get past my breakup (Leos really dig their claws in their their victims and leave deep scars!), however, I have been dating a decent amount here and there. Most were with….nice women that would make good friends, but none really had that mix of fire, intrigue, and chemistry that I am looking for.

Except one girl, the double cow who thinks she’s a cat. It was meant to start off as a fling, but we ended up surprising ourselves when we unexpectedly fell for each other pretty quickly and we had a pretty passionate spring and summer. Alas, it didn’t last as at end the summer, the stresses of life caught up to her and she has her own things to take care of which somehow translated that we couldn’t be hanging out any longer. Perhaps if I met her after she sorted those things out things would be different, but at the moment she still has to find herself, who she is, and what she wants. I’d still be happy to be with her, but not at the moment.

And surprise, surprise, some other women from the year have been coming back into my life, which is great as I do want to date in 2012 (see next section). However, my priority is my work at the moment, I really do have to work hard now to make my marketing company a success.

And the last standout thought from the past year is that I’m still feeling some debilitating effects from a MVA in 2008. Are any of these life threatening serious? Certainly not in the short term, but in the long term…who knows? The two things that bother me the most from them is that I’m constantly fatigued and I lost the ability to multitask…

What’s to Come:

Of course part of the fatigue probably comes from the fact that I am also way out of shape, another holdover from the MVA (and to my work schedule!). I’m supposed to be an elite athlete in martial arts and diving but haven’t done either for a long time.

Thus, some of the plans I have for 2012 include…

1.  Getting back into shape. Believe it or not, when I was young and in shape, I was quite handsome and always had a lot of women chase. Contrast that to me now where I am looking pretty round and when women look at me, I look the other way (sometimes purely due to how crappy I look. Yes, shallow of me at my own expense!). Well, enough is enough, there are so many reasons to get into shape and I bet I could get cut again in less than three months.

2. Get back on the bike. No, I don’t mean motorcycle, I mean my bicycle. I love riding it, but I hardly rode it at all last year. I’m going to try to get back on this spring and summer.

3. Do more social events. I also run a new Food Bloggers meetup in addition to my social and business groups. It’s a balance between doing too many of these and burning out, but now that I’m not worrying about doing social events to prospect for clients, I can go, meet people and have fun.

4. Travel. I love to travel and I’m going to see if I can either integrate it with my work or take a real full worry free holiday. China or Europe.

5. Getting my company to get to the top. I’m going to be blogging a lot about my company and the process of building it. I just don’t know if I should post on this blog or on my other marketing blog that badly needs a redesign. But I’m determined to get this one right and am working very hard on it.

6. Last but not least, my horoscope (Chinese and Western) says that I’ll likely be married this or next year. Wow, considering that I’m not dating anyone at the moment. If I’m supposed to find love this year then bring it on! (*Note: in case you’re wondering, as a former relationship coach, it’s easy for me to find love –not that I do that any more- but what I’m referring to is finding that person to be in love. Big difference ;-)

Ronald Lee

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